Cybersecurity Risk Assessment for Your Business

Cybersecurity Risks

To mitigate your cybersecurity risks, you have to know where your vulnerabilities lie. Download the DKBInnovative Cybersecurity Scorecard to grade your business in seven critical areas:

  • Employee training and policies
  • Network security
  • Email security
  • Data security
  • Website security
  • User security
  • Endpoint security

To find your score, simply place a check next to the questions you can answer in the affirmative. Each checkmark is worth four points, for a maximum score of 100. A score below 80 indicates a need for improved security.

Because our scorecard is divided into seven distinct areas, you can prioritize which areas need most improvement.

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In minutes, you will have a prioritized plan of specific improvements you can make to improve your company’s security measures. Download today.